Our core business :
the creation of tailor-made
de formations digitales

+ 30 specialists
of digital training

4 offices split into
Paris, Lyon, Bucharest, Geneva

+ 70 completed projects
every year in average


Our teams develop all your digital training projects

Our teams bring together cutting-edge skills. Your projects come alive with proven methods, quality deliverables and a positive ROI.


Sales and production teams

Our team advice and support you during each step of your project :
from the idea to the conception, up to the platform integration,
our talents enable you to give life to your digital trainings.

Solution Success Managers

Understand your need and adivce you in the strategical implementation of your trainings.

Instructional designer

Understand your challenges and direct you towards the best and adapted format (e-learning, Serious Game, MOOC, VR...)


Efficiently cut and write the contents of the training for them to be relevant, memorable and with a high impact.

2D graphical designer and 3D designer

Create tailor-made visuals that respects your graphical charte and in every graphical styles. 

Programmers & Cutters

Animate and set to music your contents on every media and all formats.

Web Designers et Développeurs plateformes

Design and production od the web design and the platform settings. 

You have a training project ?

Our job is to support and guide you